Market gets thorough clean-up to enhance hygiene standards


The clean-up operation in full swing

The market was closed while this was being done.
Agency staff armed with brooms and other equipment  set about clearing much of the rubbish and vermin. Overhanging branches were also chopped off.

Some slabs were lifted up for cleaning, whereupon swarms of cockroaches and other pests emerged, an indication of how the premises have been neglected.

In some instances, tables which were being used as part of stalls, disintegrated entirely when handled, as they were just rotting away.

The agency’s chief executive, Marc Naiken, said Victoria Market has a contract with “Star Seychelles” to hose water on the premises daily, but beyond that it is the responsibility of the stall holders to keep their locations clean.

He said the agency was concerned about the hygiene of foodstuffs sold at the market, as from the farms  this constitutes the main outlet.