Remarkable increase in jobseeker placements recorded


Labour and Human Resource Development Minister Idith Alexander said statistics for July 2012 show there were 983 placements and at the end of August there were 1,218.

She also pointed out that in July her ministry organised a job fair on Praslin which not only allowed jobseekers on the island to register for a job but also increased their chances of being recruited by different organisations.

Minister Alexander was answering questions by elected member for Roche Caïman Joevana Charles who wanted to know if the Ministry of Labour and Human Resource Development is satisfied with the performances of private employment agencies.

Minister Alexander said the role of the agencies is to place people in employment and they are doing just that.

Mrs Charles also wanted to know the unemployment rate and the number of vacancies on the labour market.

Minister Alexander explained that statistics for August 2012 show the rate of unemployment stands at 2.03% which represents 1,161 people – 602 women and 559 men – who are actively looking for a job and are registered with a private employment agency.

She noted that there has been a decrease in the rate of unemployment to reach 2.03% in August 2012 from 2.18% at the end of July 2012 and this due to the increase in new placements.

Minister Alexander informed the Assembly that in spite of all the challenges faced by the labour market, the rate of unemployment has remained relatively low since January.

She noted that at the end of August there were 1,712 vacancies on the labour market of which 1,624 were in the private sector and this shows the importance of the sector in the country’s economic growth and the creation of employment.

In a supplementary question, Ms Charles wanted to know if the ministry has conducted any study to know the people who are not in employment and the reasons why.

Minister Alexander explained that no study has been conducted, but there are employment officers who are based in the districts to monitor the unemployment situation and profile the jobseekers.

In the same question session, Minister Alexander also answered questions by Mrs Charles related to the employment policy.

Mrs Charles had asked Ms Alexander if her ministry has any intention to review the employment policy entirely for it to meet modern day demands and requirements. The employment policy is effective since 1999.

Minister Alexander said work has started to review the document and that her ministry has received help from the International Labour Organisation (ILO). A delegation from ILO was in Seychelles in August for a first series of consultations during which it met 18 key government departments, other stakeholders, workers’ and employers’ representatives . The discussions were based on the employment situation in the country and the various related issues which need to be addressed in the revised policy.

Minister Alexander noted that following the macro-economic reforms in 2008, the private sector has expanded to become a key actor in the economy. She said the Ministry of Labour and Human Resource Development therefore recognises the need for the employment policy to be harmonised and become in line with national development.

She noted that all the issues raised by the ILO experts have been brought to her ministry’s attention and are being addressed and a draft of the revised policy is expected to be presented to stakeholders for their inputs in the coming months.

Minister Alexander pointed out that the Employment Act is also under review, consultations on the document started in 2010 and 2011. She said the draft is still at the Attorney General’s office.
Both documents are expected to be ready by early next year.