St Kitts and Seychelles tourism ministers discuss cooperation


Minister St Ange and Minister Skerritt

St Kitts’ Minister for Tourism and International Transport Richard O. Skerritt and Seychelles’ Tourism and Culture Minister Alain St Ange met during the Caribbean tourism organisation state of the tourism industry conference.

Minister St Ange, who had travelled to St Kitts to address the organisation’s 2012 conference, exchanged ideas with Minister Skerritt on issues like joint approaches to work as island nations dependent on tourism.

They also agreed on the need for long-haul tourism destinations such as the Caribbean islands and the Indian Ocean vanilla islands to continue to lobby against the UK carbon tax which is working against the continued development of these island nations where the environment has been protected as part of their tourism attractions.

Minister St Ange played a Seychelles tourism promotional DVD to showcase the islands’ natural attractions to a full conference room of Caribbean islanders and invited panelists and press.
He also issued an invitation to Minister Skerritt to visit Seychelles.