Water management story competition launched


DILANS the mascot should be used as the author telling the storyEducating our children on sustainable development has always been a priority for both government and non-government organisations. Throughout the year, school calendar is always packed with environmental education activities and competitions which can help them learn more about our natural environment and the importance of using it in a sustainable manner.

Our children take part actively in both local and international competitions and often shine in the international ones. Issues which they have to explore vary though more emphasis is made on problematic issues which are affecting our country as a Small Island Developing State.

The Indian Ocean Commission ISLANDS project funded by the European Union has launched a story competition for all primary schools (P5-P6) within the following countries: Comoros, La Reunion, Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles and Zanzibar. Each country have chosen an environmental theme for the story competition and Seychelles has chosen ‘Water management’ due to some local problems regarding water management and also to share some practices for water conservation that is already taking place in some schools and in the communities. The stories may be factual or fictional, must be original, and may be written in English, French or Creole.

The stories could be handwritten or typed.  All stories submitted must have the name, age, class and school of the competitor on the reverse side. The ISLANDS’ project mascot called ‘DILANS’ which is a crab should be used as the author to tell the story of the current problem of water in Seychelles and provide solutions to the problems and where necessary state the sustainable alternatives taking place in their school/community/country regarding water management such as rainwater harvesting, lessons covering conservation of water, etc… A comic book will gather the best stories of each island and will be distributed to all the countries giving to the children the opportunity to discover the stories imagined by all the pupils of the region.


DILANS is the name of the ISLANDS project mascot. It is a crab and has been used since it is located in all countries taking part in the competition. The idea of using a crab is because like a bird it is easy to spot the footprint of a crab when it crawls on the seashore. The idea is to pretend that DILANS came to Seychelles for visits and based on its observation, DILANS shared the current water problems in Seychelles and also share about the sustainable alternatives taking place in the communities to deal with the water shortage during the dry season etc… DILANS also managed to share some other solutions based on activities/campaigns that could be organised to educate people on the importance of conserving water and also make recommendations to PUC, contractors and other people in society. Therefore, when DILANS leave Seychelles its footprint will remain visible because it has managed to address the water problem and provide solutions and this will be shared with other countries within the comic book.

Should you wish to take part please liaise with your head teacher or contact the Environmental Education unit in the Ministry of Education on telephone number 4283057.

The deadline for submitting the stories is Friday November 16, 2012. All entries should be forwarded to the Environmental Education Unit, PE/Co-curricular Support Section, Ministry of Education or via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  All the best.