The poor state of Seychelles’ cycling …


Elected chairman of the Seychelles Cycling Association (SCA) in April this year for a four-year term, Lucas Georges has been running the show and most of the executive committee members are not aware of what goes on in the federation and don’t even know the dates of races which are scheduled at the last minute.

Sports Nation learned through hearsay on Sunday that the National Championship had been contested and won by Edward Pothin.

Compared to past years, the event was not given publicity prior to its taking place and many executive committee members did not even know about it while others said they only received a phone call on the eve of the competition to come and give a helping hand.

“I was told on Friday the competition had been moved forward, but no meeting was organised to discuss the matter. Lucas is running the association on his own and this is very bad for the sport. Even cyclists have to ask the dates of races as there is no calendar,” said a committee member who spoke under condition of anonymity.

Georges was chosen for a four-year mandate during the association’s annual general meeting in April, replacing Samuel Rignace. The other committee members are Michel Tambara (secretary general), Lita Denis (treasurer), Diana Menesse (secretary), Elvis Adrienne, Andrew Boniface, Samuel Rignace, Jacquelin Pothin and Kevin Marie (ordinary members).

Just to note that Seychelles Nation has this year not been informed of any activities organised by the SCA, not even the recent involvement of the locals in the Tour de Maurice. This paper received the results of Seychellois riders at the event through its contacts in Mauritius.

The number of cyclists on the road has continued to dwindle and even the level of competition cannot be compared to that of five or even seven years back.

It’s a sad situation, but coach Georges doesn’t agree.
“Every committee member knows about what goes on within the association. It’s very strange that some of them say they are not aware. E-mails are sent to all of them and to the media to advertise our events,” said Georges in a telephone conversation.

Just to note that when Georges was elected chairman, he vowed to bring in new ideas to complement the good work started by his predecessors.

A technical delegate of the Confederation of African Cycling (Cac) added that good existing elements will be polished, while the negative ones will be removed.

He also promised, as chairman, to be strict and to apply the by-laws of the SCA accordingly as this will be crucial to maintain discipline and ensure the progression of the sport.

G. G.