Comesa commends Seychelles for promoting regional peace


“President Michel is playing a tremendous role in bringing peace to the region, especially Mrs El-Hussainy addressing the delegates on Mondaytaking part in the different forums that assist the nations in the Indian Ocean to achieve lasting peace,” she said in an interview with Nation at the Coral Strand resort as Comesa’s three-day meeting on peace and security ended.

She reiterated her opening session’s remarks in which she said Comesa notes with appreciation Seychelles’ efforts in fighting piracy, “and that you changed the law last year to allow pirates captured anywhere beyond your territorial waters to be prosecuted”.

“We also commend your efforts to modernise your piracy legislation in adherence to the United Nations legal framework, undertaken in consultation with international bodies.”

She told Nation that the African Union (AU) and two regional bodies are working together to find solutions to problems discussed at the meeting regarding peace and security in the region and piracy in particular.

“Comesa is working with the AU and the Southern African Development Community to address insecurity in countries affected by strife and also Somalia because of the piracy problem,” she said.

The delegates – who are parliamentarians from 16 out of 19 member states – produced a report with recommendations to be reviewed by the organisation’s policy body’s session due to be held in Kampala next month, she said.

The report will be approved by Comesa foreign affairs ministers, said Mrs El-Hussainy, adding it was an honour for them to meet in Seychelles. She expressed special thanks to the government for hosting meeting and Vice-President Danny Faure in particular for launching the three-day event on Monday.

“We are very happy that high ranking government officials came to the first session of our meeting.

“We had very fruitful talks for two days,” she said, echoing the words of Comesa’s manager for civil society and private sector section Odette Mukazi Mutanguha, who said the meeting was very well organised.

Ms Mutanguha during the interview yesterday

“We are most grateful to the hospitality of the people of Seychelles who have helped make our meeting so fruitful,” said Ms Mutanguha.