Mancham promotes Seychelles’ policy of cultural diplomacy


Mr Mancham

The former President made this remark when he delivered a keynote address on the opening of UMOJA – The Gathering of All African Nations Conference being hosted in Berlin by the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy.

Mr Mancham is actually Patron of the African chapter of the institute.

Welcoming Mr Mancham to the conference, Mark C. Donfried, director and founder of the Berlin based Institute for Cultural Diplomacy spoke about Mr Mancham’s unbeatable credentials as a man focused on peace in Africa and peace in the world.

The institute was expected to have a special showing of the documentary ‘Seychelles Global Citizen – The Life of Sir James Mancham’ to the interns and participants of the African Conference at one of the sessions yesterday.

On the sideline of the conference Mr Mancham had discussions with Johannes Selle – member of the Bundestag – who is chairman of the CDU Committee on Economic Cooperation and Development for Africa of the German Parliament. The CDU is Germany’s ruling party. Mr Selle was accompanied by his special assistant Andreas Jahn.

Following his meeting with the influential German parliamentarian, Mr Mancham said that he will take up with President James Michel Germany’s interest to have a Seychelles ambassador resident in Berlin. At the moment the representation is through Brussels.

“Germany is economically the most important nation within the European Union. Cape Verde, Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, Madagascar have all recently opened up embassies in Berlin.

I am sure that President Michel and Minister Jean-Paul Adam will give positive consideration to Germany’s interest in a more direct diplomatic engagement with Seychelles,” the former President stated.
Mr Mancham is expected in Seychelles next week.