Telecom company supports multi-pronged anti-drugs fight


The cheque presentation ceremony

The company’s director for human resources and administration Thomas Dauban said notable efforts are being made to catch and bring to justice drug traffickers and the Ministry of Health is working hard to run the detoxification centre as other organisations play similar key roles.

“Over the years we have seen a dramatic rise in substance abuse in our society. The legal sector is doing its very best to punish the culprits and the detox centre is doing its share in educating and rehabilitating substance abuse victims.”

He said it is not only those affected directly who are suffering the consequences but all those falling prey to the rising prostitution and crimes triggered by substance abuse as well as a workforce so beleaguered that the impact is denting the economy.

He said he viewed the presentation ceremony not only as a mere donation event but a chance to show concern for the rising drug and alcohol abuse problem in Seychelles.

Receiving the donation, consultant in charge of mental health services Dr Daniella Malulu thanked Cable & Wireless for the donation which she said will help the centre improve its service delivery particularly education sessions for the patients and staff training.

Among those present were members of the ministry’s harm reduction committee and of its central management team including the World Health Organisation’s liaison officer for Seychelles Dr Cornelia Atsyor.

She told Nation the UN body supports the ministry in all health issues including the battle against substance abuse and is helping the ministry develop a mental health policy covering addiction.