Coloured weekday Seychelles Nation debuts Monday


Produced by the National Information Services Agency (Nisa), the new-look Seychelles Nation weekday newspaper will debut Monday November 5, 2012 with the usual 20 pages – four of those in colour.

The coloured pages will be 1, 2, 19 and 20 during weekdays. While the cover page will carry the lead story of the day, there will be coloured adverts of different sizes on pages 2, 19 and 20.

As a result, there will be some slight changes in the numbering of the pages of the weekday issues. The number of national news pages will increase from four to five and will now feature on pages 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

The specialised sections like Up Close, Life & Style, Environment, Education, Business and Science & Technology will now be on pages 7 and 8. The international news will be on page 16, while the two sports pages are 17 and 18.

There will still be 11 pages of black and white advertisements and those will be on pages 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15, plus four inserted pages labelled I, II, III and IV.

“Our aim is to continuously upgrade the newspaper by injecting more style and colour into our products, thus giving our readers value for money,” said chief editor Robert André about the redesign.

"We are making a real investment in the Seychelles Nation newspaper, and putting a major focus on reinvigorating the value of print media," added Mr André.

Despite going colour during weekdays, the Seychelles Nation will still cost R5.
Covering national, regional, sports and international news, the Seychelles Nation also has a weekend edition called Seychelles Weekend Nation and is published on Saturdays. It has 24 pages.

With the mission to informing and correctly educating the public, the newspaper has since then continued to develop and improve on the quality and variety of information it gives its readers and has over the years become very popular.

With a circulation of 3,500 during weekdays and 4,000 during weekends, the Seychelles Nation paper underwent a complete overhaul and on January 5, 2011, the weekday issue was increased to 20 pages and it had a new modern, attractive and easy to read look.

The history of the now Seychelles Nation newspaper dates back to the 1920s. Between 1926 and 1929, the government started publishing a daily leaflet called Reuters' Telegrams and Advertisers. In 1942, the name changed to Government Bulletin and 19 years later (in 1961) it was called Seychelles Bulletin. The newspaper kept this name until the day of independence – June 29, 1976 – when it became Nation. It was on January 4, 1984 that it became Seychelles Nation.

From four pages when it was called Seychelles Bulletin, Nation increased to six pages in 1976. From a evening edition, Nation changed to a morning one and the first morning edition of Nation came out on November 19, 1979. It also became thicker with eight pages from Monday to Friday and 12 pages on Saturdays.

In 1982, the weekday issue increased to 10 pages and the weekend edition to 16 pages. In 1990, four more pages were added to the weekend newspaper to become 20 pages.

Nation moved to its existing location on March 12, 1994 and acquired state-of-the-art technology. The first colour issue of the Seychelles Weekend Nation was printed on December 30, 1995.

Meanwhile, the newspaper’s website, which is updated every morning, is also being re-constructed.
The website can be accessed at