Use of safety gear at workplaces should be enforced, says minister


Minister Alexander and her team holding talks with management staff of Penlac during  the visit

Minister Alexander made this remark last week after a visit to the paint manufacturing company Penlac at Le Rocher.

Noting that the employees were not making use of any protective equipment at the firm, the minister urged the management that they should reinforce the law and ensure that all employees do make use of the protective gear at their disposal.

Minister Alexander, who was accompanied on her visit by principal secretary Veronique Bresson and other senior officials from her ministry, was welcome at the factory by the finance and operations manager Ken Desaubin and the sales and marketing manager Nixon Albert.

They led the minister and her delegation on a guided tour of the company, starting with the sales department, the sections dealing with packing, colour mixing and production, as well as the laboratory.

The ministerial delegation was able to see the employees at work and interacted with them, getting to know about their working conditions, since one mandate of the ministry is ensuring that there is good employer/employee relationship in the workplace.

One positive thing the delegation noticed at Penlac is that most staff have been there for a long period of time and the employees said that this is due to the good working environment and conditions.

Two staff commented on their salary. The management confirmed that this is being reviewed given that there has been an increase in production in the past few months.

Another positive aspect noticed by the delegation is the employment of quite a number of young people, which the minister has commended Penlac for giving the opportunity to the youth to learn and develop themselves in the respective areas chosen within the company.

Minister Alexander and her team were also informed that as from January 2013, the factory will be renovated and extended, making it more spacious and environmentally friendly for both workers and customers.