DAs, young leaders give inputs to social renaissance project


Guests and delegates listening to a presentation at yesterday’s meeting

This was during a meeting held at the Sheikh Khalifa diagnostic centre in the presence of the Minister for Social Affairs, Community Development and Sports Vincent Meriton, principal secretary for community development and sports Denis Rose, principal secretary for social affairs Linda William-Melanie, and other staff of the ministry.

With district administrators as the managerial heads governing the communities, they are better placed to know the behaviours, domestic issues and weaknesses of their residents and are the ambassadors for the execution of the action plan at district level.

And the general aim of the meeting was to get them on board the national action plan and get their opinions and contributions.

Addressing the guests, Mr Rose described the programme as one which should have everybody putting in a joint effort and said it was a collective endeavour which would make it a success.

After a presentation of the plan, the panel accepted interventions from the audience which were mainly clarification commentaries at first.

Minister Meriton stressed the importance of dedication and also continuity in the implementation of activities on the programme for all target groups.

The administrators were advised to be more pro-active and to bring in their managerial skills into delegating the workload, so that everyone is involved and to promote the spirit of voluntarism within their administration and in the districts.

Prior to yesterday’s meeting, Minister Meriton read a statement about the national plan of action last Tuesday in the National Assembly with five goals on working towards social renaissance. 

The five goals are: work towards a society of empowered and happy individuals, families and communities; promote positive living values and the adoption of a healthy lifestyle; encourage higher levels of personal, professional, civic and corporate responsibility; safeguard our homes and communities; and protect the health, safety and quality of life of all Seychellois.

The plan was well accepted by the administrators who said that with the necessary resources and support they are prepared to take up the tasks that are expected of them.