SPTC to start ‘park and ride’ trial service soon


Minister Morgan and his team among commuters on the bus ride to Anse Aux Pins

This trial service will provide an opportunity for motorists to park their vehicles at safe locations just outside central Victoria – for example at the Roche Caiman sports complex for vehicles coming from south and at the Ile du Port for those coming from the north -- between the hours of  6.30am and 5pm.

From those parking spots SPTC ‘park and ride’ buses will be available for them to ride into town, conveniently stepping off at pre-determined stops, go about town for shopping or scheduled appointments, then hopping back on to the ‘park and ride’ buses to the place where they have parked their cars.

But the company has not said yet if the ‘park and ride’ service will be free of charge or if people who use this service will have to pay a fee.

Meanwhile, the minister responsible for transport Joel Morgan and a group of key persons from that department took a bus ride to Anse Aux Pins recently to observe a routine trip that commuters undertake on a daily basis.

It was also a chance for the minister and his group to observe SPTC staff as they went about their normal assignments and the chance to inter-act with some of the passengers that day.
“SPTC remains the number one method of public transport for our population. Over 50,000 people use SPTC daily. The government is committed to supporting the SPTC so that it continues to provide an improved and ever increasing quality service that is affordable and comfortable. The trip was for me to experience what an ordinary passenger of SPTC experiences. I was satisfied by the service offered on my trip and I want to encourage the management and staff of SPTC to continue to focus on passenger safety, affordability, quality of service and passenger experience,” Minister Morgan commented after the trip.

“The service provided by the SPTC is vital for many, and noting that everyday our staff interact with thousands of customers, it’s important for us besides the updates we have, submitted reports, visits to the districts, other meetings with SPTC management, that we as well sample what is on offer,” said the SPTC chief executive Geffy Zialor who also formed part of the ministerial team on the trip to Anse Aux Pins.

“From suggestions and other observations we continue to evaluate delivery of what is on offer and ways and means to improve,” said Mr Zialor.