Chamber hails changes in business climate


SCCI vice-chairperson Dolor Ernesta noted that efforts to create a more conducive business environment are bearing fruit and delegates at the meeting discussed ways of improving the commercial sector by offering more chances for local investors and using laws to ensure customers get the service they deserve.

“The discussions were also directed towards the commercial court which is expected to give a long-awaited service,” he said.

He noted that the Seychelles Licensing Authority and the registrar general “are also joining the online community to help improve the quality of service they offer to the Seychelles businesses”.

“Businesses appreciate this as it is really time-saving and I certainly hope it becomes an effective tool but the government as the helper and regulator must do more to improve the infrastructure to lead toward a more vibrant and dynamic business environment.”

During the meeting delegates heard about the investment chances available in Seychelles.

“It is good to see progress happening in our small island nation more so for the airport and ports – which are being expanded – as they are among our main routes of connectivity with the global market.

“Ile Soleil is ready for development; hence we invite businesses to seize the opportunity to invest,” he said, noting local investors getting priority for majority investments prospects should continue, and encouraged more public and private partnership.

When opening the meeting, Foreign Affairs Minister Jean-Paul Adam said the impact of the 2008 global financial crisis continues to severely impede the world economic progress and many countries’ public finances are being affected forcing governments to introduce painful austerity measures while private sector business activity has decreased and many have ended up bankrupt leading to millions of people losing their jobs, pensions and homes.

“While Seychelles has been spared of the worst of these events, demonstrating the resilience of our economy, we are also feeling the brunt of the consequences of these global processes, especially through inflationary pressures as a result of the increase of global prices.

“Seychelles is also undergoing a remarkable economic transformation. A very crucial part of the reform has been to find ways to establish a more conducive business environment.  To put it simply, a more “dynamic and business friendly Seychelles”.

He said this year, the Ministry of Finance, Trade and Investment – in collaboration with the Seychelles Investment Bureau – has introduced the Business Environment Forum where all business regulatory authorities are represented and meet on a weekly basis to discuss and report on actual progress of reforms in their respective organisations.
“The forum also serves as a platform for those taking part to discuss challenges and barriers they face in their everyday operations and propose better ways to improve their services to the business community.