Host of activities to commemorate Men’s Day


The social affairs department has set up a working group to organise and coordinate activities for the event this year.

Made up of representatives from various ministries, departments, agencies and non-governmental organisations, the committee is chaired by Terence Brutus from the social affairs department.

Speaking to Nation yesterday, Mr Brutus said the aim of celebrating the day is to try to involve as many men as possible in the activities. This is in solidarity with other countries around the world which will be commemorating the day by celebrating men’s positive contributions to society, community and family.

Mr Brutus said the activities being organised will focus mainly on men’s health, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. 

The idea, he pointed out, is to raise awareness on the role of men, promote positive male role-models and the positive contributions they make.

The Ministry of Health is calling on men to come and donate blood at its transfusion unit at the Seychelles Hospital and it is also calling on men to come forward and do HIV tests to determine their status.

On Sunday November 18, there will be a commemoration mass at the St Paul’s Cathedral in Victoria which will be followed by a men’s fair at the Freedom Square playing field where the Ministry of Health will be present to check men’s blood pressure, do HIV rapid testing and inform them about their health.

There will also be various stalls selling different items and snacks and sports activities.
Mr Brutus said people who wish to have more details on the various activities being organised should get in touch with committee members or himself on telephone numbers 4281660 and 4281841.