Hotel joins in national tree planting campaign


PS Agricole and PS Delcy planting the ‘bois citron’

The call was made by the principal secretary (PS) for Environment and Energy, Wills Agricole, at a tree planting activity at the Baie Lazare school last week.

The ceremony also saw the launch of Four Seasons Resort’s environment committee.

In his speech for the occasion, Mr Agricole pointed out that having these two activities in a school is important as it helps our young generations to understand the need to plant trees as well as realise the benefits that private sectors can contribute to its community.

He therefore urged school children to take care of the over hundred plants planted on that day, for though they will in few years’ time leave the school, their children and grand children will benefit from the shades and fruits these will provide.

Mr Agricole also congratulated Four Seasons Resort for such initiatives as he says it fits well with the government’s sustainable tourism goals.

He said that the continuous growth of the tourism industry requires attention from all stakeholders on sustaining this industry and the development of sustainable tourism.

He also urged the resort to involve their guests in similar activities.

At the same time, Mr Agricole asked other hotels to use the example of Four Seasons Resort in setting up environment committees and join in national campaigns like the National Tree Planting campaign.

The management of Four Seasons Resort thanked the Ministry of Environment and Energy, and Baie Lazare school for joining them in such an important event.

Head teacher Esparon and the management team of the Four Seasons Resort planting a coconut tree

They also said that they will continue to work towards sustainable tourism goals and work closely with their community and other organisations to achieve it.

The head teacher of the school, Berard Esparon, thanked all its partners, especially the Ministry of Environment and Energy and Four Seasons Resort, for selecting his school for the event.

He also said that since its opening, the resort has developed a good relationship with the school and have during the past years assisted the school with other projects and requests.

During the ceremony the Mr Agricole, together with the principal secretary for Education Merida Delcy planted a ‘bois citron’ (Citrus medica, Rutaceae) -- an endemic tree which grows naturally only on Aride -- in the school compound.

During the day over 100 plants, both endemics and non-endemics, were planted in the school compound. Among the trees planted included fruit trees and medicinal plants.

Over seventy-five people took part in the tree-planting activity and they included staff and children from Baie Lazare School, officials from both the Ministry of Environment and Energy and that of Education, staff of the Four Seasons Resort, of the Seychelles Agricultural Agency, and of the Seychelles National Parks Authority, students from Seychelles Horticultural and Agricultural Training Centre, and a group of fathers from the Baie Lazare district.

School children also presented songs and poems on the theme and a special exhibition on plants.