Minister decries poaching of and trade in Seychelles’ wildlife


Minister Payet said: “Seychelles is justifiably famous around the world for the protection we give to our environment, but the environmental massacre by a handful of people threatens this reputation and the good work being done by the vast majority of Seychellois people.”

The minister was speaking after a recent spate of poaching incidents and arrests.

“Our environment supports our tourism industry, our fishing industry, our arts and crafts and so much more of the day-to-day life of Seychelles.

 It is the primary attraction for the tourists who bring foreign currency into our economy.

 But above all, our environment has its own intrinsic value which cannot be calculated but this is jeopardised by a few who are seeking short-term financial gain,” he said.
“We all need to understand that our environment is of far greater benefit to us when we conserve it than when we destroy it.

 And this includes the financial benefits it brings,” added Minister Payet.

The minister called on members of the public not to be afraid to call the Greenline (2722111) when they suspect any form of environmental offence.

“The Ministry of Environment and Energy, the police, the attorney general’s office and all of the various environmental organisations are working to tackle poaching, but we cannot succeed without the help of members of the public.

 Every turtle which is eaten, every coco de mer that is poached, all of these things irreparably damage our environment.
 We need to work together to stop it,” concluded Minister Payet.