The National Social Renaissance Plan of Action-Employment


There are 3 specific goals relating to this sector and they are as follows:

1. Inculcate a culture of professionalism, hard work and productivity in the work place;

2. Ensure needs of the labour market are met;

3. Ensure effective management of employment of non-Seychellois where there is a shortage of local skills.

Employment is a central factor in the transformation of any society.

 It is good personal values that make the foundation of a good employee.

 Government is dedicated to put in place the necessary structures that will allow for the creation of good jobs but one recent phenomena that has been observed here is that some people are ‘choosy’ about the kind of job that they want.

 An example in point is the Tuna Canning Factory where there is a large contingent of foreign workers.

All three goals listed above are formulated to address such issues.

 The Seychellois workforce must become more professional and dedicated and the proper rewards and incentives must also be in place to ensure that people feel that they are getting value for their labour.
The measures proposed for the first goal include:

• Introduction of pay-performance management
• Provide soft skills training through employment training programmes

• Organise talks and open days at secondary schools to introduce students to key concepts of the world of work and on national labour laws.

• Consultative meetings with employers to introduce internal mechanisms to resolve/address discipline issues – review of employment act (long term).

• Conduct a survey on productivity

• Continuous national campaign on workplace productivity
As for the second goal, the Ministry of Labour and Human Resource Development, which is the lead organisation in co-ordinating the implementation of the planned activities, aims to meet the needs of the labour market by getting more Seychellois into employment.
It must be recognised that due to the unique characteristics of our country, we will be forever dependent on foreign labour in some sectors.

 But where it is feasible, the ministry will continue to ensure localisation of posts, through the formulation and implementation of an effective localisation plan.

A feasibility study is also planned next year to assess the merits of introducing flexible employment in the country. This will be done in close consultation with employers and stakeholders.

A national human resource strategy will also be developed to better respond to the needs of all sectors and provide training in key areas.
The social renaissance that is being promoted in Seychelles will need all sectors and organisations to work together and co-ordinate our efforts.

 In terms of employment there is a simple logic: Teach a man to fish and you feed him forever.
Through hard work, man can be independent, have dignity, feed himself and his family and contribute towards national development.

If we lose the work ethic that has taken Seychelles to the place we are today, it will be to the detriment of all of us.
The motto of the social renaissance campaign is respect, responsibility and hard work. It is precisely because of its importance that hard work has been chosen as one of the principles guiding the campaign.

It has to be noted also that President James Michel has dedicated this year to ‘Striving for Seychelles’ which again is promoting the value of hard work.

The renaissance we are aiming for is one where our workforce has a strong work ethic, is willing to work hard and smart, is dependable and responsible, possesses a positive attitude, is able to adapt to the circumstances of a changing economy and world and maintains a sense of honesty and integrity in everything they do.

 These are not lofty ideals.
Our grandparents were living embodiments of these ideals. It is our challenge through the plan to pass these to our children.

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