Karting -Rain disrupts Super Grand Prix


Seven classes – SF Novice, SF Cadet, SF Junior, SF Ladies, SF4, SF3 and SF1 –contested the pre-final.

In the SF Novice class, Dharmil Sakhida took victory with Terence Henderson finishing second and Shane Dodin third.

Young lady driver Shirin Azemia clinched the championship with 178 points, while Henderson finished as runner-up with 99 and Dodin third with 96. Sakhida took fourth place with 90 points, Maxime Trambellant fifth with 46 and K. Thomas sixth with 30.

In the SF Cadet division, Anyl Gonthier took a fantastic win followed by birthday boy David Viljoen and Kebal Sakhida in second and third places.

Michael Padayachy took fourth place which was enough to secure him the championship, while Joshua Samsoodin finished fifth.

With Padayachy finishing as champion with 178 points, Gonthier took the runner-up berth with 156 points and they were followed by Sakhida with 133, Viljoen with 124, Samsoodin with 97, Angelo Padayachy with 62, Greg Olivia with 45, and Jaden Pothin with 13.

In the SF Junior class, Rodney Salome again dominated but young Ryan Marianne did well to finish second after starting from last position and Julio Chetty finished third. Arnold Mein was fourth and Amadave Camille fifth.

Salome thus became the champion with 197 points and Marianne the vice-champion on 157. Mein was third with 135 points followed by Chetty with 128, Camille with 111 and Michael Gédéon with 48.

In the SF Ladies division race, Debra Mellon took victory and won the championship with 104 points. Bernadette Mein finished second in both the race and the championship with 83.5 points.
Mitra Labrosse, who was absent, finished third in the championship with 46 points, while Velma Esparon, who was also missing, finished fourth with 28.5 points.

In the SF4 class, Chan Decommarmond took victory with Andrew Gabriel finishing second, while Christian Port-Louis took third place. Port-Louis was followed across the finish line by Rennick Bonnelame, Yannick Gabriel and Montel Kurz.

Andrew Gabriel became the champion with 183 points and Decommarmond finished as vice-champion with 177, Kurz was third with 148, Port-Louis fourth with 144, Bonnelame fifth with 142, Yannick Gabriel sixth with 121, Mellon seventh with 77 and Labrosse eighth with 51.

In the SF3 division, Roland Delcy took victory with Marvin Sophie finishing second and Damien Bonnelame third. They were followed by Peter Fred in fourth position, Dane Decommarmond in fifth place and Redman Bonnelame was sixth.

Peter Fred became the champion with 188 points and Roland Delcy the vice-champion with 186, while his brother Marc was third with 180. Decommarmond (135), Sophie (131), D. Bonnelame (123), R. Bonnelame (119) and Tim Horpinitch (13) completed the ranking.

In the faster and more exciting SF1 class, David Rene took victory and the championship win, while Stephan Simon finished second and Andy Denousse third. John Simon was ranked fourth after stopping on the circuit.

In the championship, Rene becomes the champion with 184 points with Stephan Simon finishing as vice-champion with 163, followed by John Simon with 111, Denousse with 16 and Altai Sabakev with 1.

Meanwhile, the Seychelles Karting Association will hold its annual prize-giving gala next month where all the podium finishers during the year will be rewarded for their efforts. The best female and male drivers in the junior and senior categories will be announced on the day.
The event will bring the 2012 calendar to a close and the SKA has said the new season will open in February 2013.