Letter to the Editor-Need to develop a ‘reading culture’ in our society


I could not agree more with the views expressed. More and more, there is a need to inculcate in our school children the need to find out things for themselves through research which entails much reading. They must therefore be encouraged to read more in their quest for knowledge and not to rely entirely on their teachers to pour facts on to them.

They should realise that their best teacher is their book. I am sorry to say that Seychellois, on the whole, do not read enough although I must admit there are many exceptions. Hence the need to cultivate a 'reading culture' in our society and this must start in our schools where students should be urged to develop a reading habit. It will serve them well in more advanced studies..

This would be in line with the goals and aspirations of our newly created University where research work is of paramount importance if not essential. There is also another good thing about Research and Reading. Apart from amassing a wealth of knowledge, it helps greatly towards intellectual maturity and independent thinking.

John L. Adam