Football-Beach football brings new form of recreational activity


 Seychellois have been playing beach football for a long time, but the SFF wants to organise it in a competitive way

The ‘Long-term perspectives of beach football in Seychelles’, a project initiated by the SFF, will cater for the activity in a formal way, offering football activities during the whole year covering different age groups in both genders.

It will also include communities and organisations, starting from the fundamental stage of grassroots football – six to 12 years – up to the veteran stage.

The project also outlines the approach of having a sustainable development plan, whereby everyone involved would be conscious of the potential in combining a particular physical and recreational activity with the natural environment of our islands.

The possibility to host at least one annual regional, continental or international tournament during the month of September of each year in collaboration with Ministry of Tourism and Culture will be explored, as it will coincide with the annual Regatta festival.

Other than the SFF, which will work in collaboration with the Fédération internationale de Football Association (Fifa) development office for beach football and the Confederation of African Football (Caf), the other partners will be the local ministries.

The project will target primary, secondary, post secondary schools, communities, working institutions and non-governmental organisations.

Based on the level of involvement, a national committee will be set up, supported by other sub-committees including technical, officiating and promotion.

Another important aspect of the project is to make the activity a long-term and sustainable programme with a competitive edge to it, elevating it to a more regional, continental and even international level.

This will bring it on a level where it could also be considered as part of our local ‘sports tourism’ concept.

Fifa expert Marcelo Mendes will arrive in the country this coming Monday for a consultancy visit regarding the project. While in the country, Mr Mendes will conduct an induction course in preparation for the beach football tournament which will take place on Saturday December 1 at Roche Caïman (behind the small Astroturf pitches).

On the same day, the SFF will also officially launch the ‘Long-term perspectives of beach football in Seychelles’.

R. D.