Children given special attention at Subios


Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) chief executive Elsia Grandcourt, said the organiser of the annual festival – STB – has dedicated today, Saturday November 24, to children’s activities.

Seychelles prides itself as being the leader in environment protection. President James Michel has personally led the campaign to have over 50% of the country’s total land area declared protected national parks.

The islands’ pristine environment remains also one of Seychelles’ key unique selling points.

“This is why we are inviting our young people to join us to appreciate the underwater gardens of Seychelles. Diving in the turquoise blue waters of Seychelles is simply swimming in an aquarium.

 Our seas are clean, clear and warm 365 days of the year only because we have, as a people, taken care of our environment. Today our efforts have got the world at large to stand up and take notice of Seychelles. Our young people must now see how that natural asset of ours is seen by some of the best underwater photographers and divers,” Mrs Grandcourt said.

The STB says that the events they are organising will open the door for visitors to the islands to meet and take part in popular mass activities with Seychellois.

Seychelles remains a very safe tourist destination and there can be no better place for popular mass activities for tourists to enjoy and party alongside the local population.