Darts: Premium Throws doubles-Port-Louis and Esparon dart second consecutive title


The tournament, which started with a league, attracted eight teams, including one women’s, before moving to the knockout stage.

Port-Louis and Esparon started on the wrong foot, finishing sixth overall in the league with only three points, two less that the score achieved by two teams – Paul Vidot/Richard Irimani, and Terrance Hallock/Arthur Pool.

In the best-of-three quarterfinal, Port-Louis and Esparon came from behind to win their match 2-1 against Jack Micock and Jean Andrade to book a place in the final four.

In the best-of-five semifinal they played against Justin Hermitte and Gerard Pierre who had eliminated Darel Simeon and Alex Chetty in another quarterfinal encounter. Port-Louis and Esparon won the match 3-1 to advance to the final where they clashed against Hallock and Pool who had dispatched Vidot and Irimani in the second semifinal.

Having now hit full form after a stuttering start, Port-Louis and Esparon easily won the match 4-1 to clinch a second consecutive doubles title.

The Hermitte and Pierre duo finished third overall after defeating Vidot and Irimani 3-0 in the third-place playoff.

Hallock and Ranga Chetty finished with the highest score of 180.

R. D.