Rotary club to focus on helping elderly


VP Faure during his meeting with the Rotary delegation

They were speaking to journalists at State House on Tuesday after calling on Vice-President Danny Faure where they apprised him of their plans and he responded to their request for suggestions on what the government would like them to do.

Mr Rassool said the club is, for example, working to put up a R500,000 fresh water reservoir at the North East Point home for the elderly. He said it will also hopefully serve the hospice which the club built some time back.

He said besides sponsoring adult learning programmes the club hopes to erect benches in some of Victoria’s parks in collaboration with the mayor.

“Mr Faure is going to send us a list of the project we can do and we will sign a memorandum of understanding,” said Mr Bihan, adding the club would like to get involved in training of staff to help the elderly pass on their skills to the youth.

He said he came here to “sustain and reinforce the work the local club is doing by ensuring the projects they are involved in are the best they can possibly be”.

“I’m satisfied the members here are doing the best they can. They are dynamic and are keen on the project they are doing,” he said.