CNN votes Victoria as third most romantic city in the world


A panoramic view of Victoria and its suburbs

The result of the most eight romantic cities was published on November 14, 2012, on the travel website of CNN America.

Others to have made into CNN’s list of the world’s eight most romantic cities are Buenos Aires (Argentina), Amsterdam (Holland), Havana (Cuba), Barcelona (Spain) and Paris (France).

Picking up on this good news is the Apple Daily News, the number one circulation in Hong Kong, with its article entitled ‘New Orleans is the most romantic’.

“Paris does not rank 1st, instead New Orleans which has just been seriously destructed by Hurricane Katrina becomes the most romantic city,” remarks the article.

The article adds that though Paris no longer ranks number one as the most romantic city, it is according to a research conducted by the WTO the most popular tourism country.

As for Victoria, Seychelles, the article describes it as “A city with charming beaches, beautiful scenery, not densely populated, full of classical British architectural style, just like a paradise on earth, average temperature is about 27c, all these make people become more passionate”.

The Seychelles Tourism Board has received this news with great pride. Its chief executive, Elsia Grandcourt, commented that this selection comes at an opportune time as great marketing efforts are being put on the Asian market visitors.

“Seychelles remains the idyllic destination attractive not only for romance but an array of niche markets such as eco-tourism, sailing, wellness & spa, diving, snorkeling and deep sea fishing to appeal to our visitors,” said Mrs Grandcourt.

Reporting on the voting results on the CNN travel website, journalist Jordan Burchette described Victoria of Seychelles, saying: “There’s nothing more romantic than being as far from other people as possible, and no capital city offers this kind of isolation with this kind of beachfront.”

“Plus, the architecture of this former British colony often mimics that of its former empire.

It’s like they put England somewhere good.  The transcendence of its pristine beaches, the prehistoric beauty of Vallée de Mai (the reputed original Garden of Eden), the eroticism of moutya dancing, which increases as the rhythm quickens,” adds Burchette.