Up-and-coming artist Clement Dogley releases second CD


Clement, who is a senior security supervisor at Maia Resort, says his music is inspired by his work in tourism.

Word has reached him that two clips from his last album recorded by SBC and which features women swaying to the sega beat, is occasionally aired on an Italian TV station.

The ten songs include sega, zouk and moutya and were recorded at Sey Sound Studio and he got the musical backing of Peter Jules for keyboard and bass. Cyril Vital is on the guitar and Nabby Jules on drums.

Some of the titles of the songs are Pa bezwen per, Piti pa pou mwan and Lanmour granmanman.
Clement claims the musicians have done an excellent job and is very grateful to them at a time when it is so difficult for new artists to secure any sponsorship.   

He is also very thankful to God for the courage and inspiration to forge ahead after his birthday last month and he has dedicated the new CD as a present to himself.

Two other artists have an input in the CD. They are Robert Chetty featuring on the song ‘My freedom’, and Jeffna Albert on Refren Peser.

The CD is on sale Kot Do and can also be bought from Clement himself, who can be contacted on 2762172.