International bazaar another success-• Money raised to benefit local charity


Visitors sampling a wide range of delicacies at one of the stalls in the bazaar

The event has now become an annual affair, and the grounds and interior of the library were well packed on Saturday with stalls selling all kinds of products.

Each stall represented a country, and had on sale typical food, handicraft and other items from that particular country.

With traditional foods also available, the event had many visitors trying out and buying the various products from countries like Sweden, United Kingdom, India, China, Russia and others.

Visitors could also meet members of the DSA and learn about the aims of the association and its plans towards local charities.

Representatives of the DSA told Seychelles Nation they are happy with this year’s turnout, and many new countries joined in to take part in the event.

“Last year we gave the money we raised to the hospital, where we bought beds for around US $15,000 and we have also supported local charities. And no matter how much money we raise, we always give it to local charities,” they said.

“We have also given dictionaries to local schools, anti-burglar bars for old people’s homes, since they were unfortunately being broken into and robbed, and we also gave sheets, pillow cases, and mattress and pillow protectors for the beds.”

The association has also donated to the Anse Etoile-based Sisters of Charity mission a wheelchair, crutches and clothing collected in Reunion through the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, in addition to a range of toys for its outdoor play area, kindly donated by Highland International.

The international bazaar will continue to feature annually on the DSA’s calendar of activities.