Handball: Mohan League-Mont Fleuri Storm and Super 8 keep league titles


Mont Fleuri Storm players celebrating their win

For Mont Fleuri Storm, formerly known as Rybar, this is their sixth consecutive triumph and they finished the three-round league unbeaten in nine matches for a maximum 27 points.

Royal Queens finished as runners-up with 21 points after collecting six wins and three losses.

Teenz finished third with 17 points (four wins and five losses) and APC Sisters fourth with 11 points (one win and eight defeats).

Super 8 amassed 33 points in the two-round men’s league after 10 wins, a draw and a loss for their third league title win in a row.

In the runners-up position are Durantha Brothers with 30 points (nine wins and three losses) and Young Eagles have finished third with 26 points (six wins, a draw and six losses).

In fourth and fifth places are AC Brothers (19 points after three wins, a draw and eight losses) and PLS Hurricanes (15 points after a win, a draw and 10 losses).

Meanwhile, all competitions winners were rewarded by National Sports Council chief executive Alain Volcère and NSC’s director for sports management and development Robert Auguste on Saturday at the end of the Seychelles Handball Federation Cup finals at the Palais des Sports.

Handball’s hall of fame for the year 2012

Women’s Challenge Cup
Mont Fleuri Storm
Runners-up: Royal Queens

Women’s Curtain-raiser tournament
Mont Fleuri Storm
Runners-up: APC Sisters

Men’s Curtain-raiser tournament
Super 8
Runners-up: PLS Hurricanes

Women’s Mohan league
Mont Fleuri Storm
Runners-up: Royal Queens

Men’s Mohan league
Super 8
Runners-up: Durantha Brothers

Women’s SHF Cup
: Royal Queens
Runners-up: Teenz

Men’s SHF Cup
Young Eagles
Runners-up: Durantha Brothers

Female handballer of the year
Annette Henriette (Mont Fleuri Storm)
Runner-up: Christelle Sedgwick (Royal Queens)

Male handballer of the year
Luthard (Super 8 and Young Eagles)
Runner-up: Leeroy (Super and Young Eagles)

Young female handballer of the year
Anifa Siméon (Teenz)

Young male handballer of the year
Liam Melanie (Young Eagles)

Best attackers
Marie-Claire Chetty (women, Mont Fleuri Storm)
Leeroy Laure (men, Super and Young Eagles)

Best defenders
Williana Dubois (women, Mont Fleuri Storm)
Michel Camille (men, AC Brothers)

Best scorers
Claire Marguerite (women, Mont Fleuri Storm)
Leeroy Laure (men, Super and Young Eagles)

Best coach
Alix Dufresne (Young Eagles)

Best referee
Leeroy Samedi

Best volunteer
Bernard Valentin

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