Ministers’ joint visit to Cascade primary school


Education Minister Mondon, Land use and Housing Minister Christian Lionnet, and Environment and Energy Minister Rolph Payet accompanied by representatives of other stakeholders during the visit

The Cascade school consists of six blocks of building and a crèche. Two blocks are over 50 years old, while four blocks (of which three are prefabricated) were constructed between 1978 and 1980.

Purpose of visit with other concerned ministries
The main purpose of the Minister’s visit along with other concerned Ministries and District Authorities:  namely Minister for Land Use and Housing and Minister for Environment and Energy, the MNA and DA of Cascade was to assess the possibility of aligning the present school compound with the small stream on the eastern side of the School so that an appropriate aligned boundary wall can be built. This would also provide additional space for the children. Land on the southern side was also assessed with a view to determine the extent of the boundary wall and motorable access provided to the residential plots of land in the East.

In all, the ministry intends to wall off the entire school compound with a view to stop intruders from trespassing and vandalising the school’s property.

The progress of work on the first phase of the project was also assessed. Renovation works on the two oldest blocks are in an advanced stage and ar5e expected to be completed by the end of December.

Renovation works on the crèche building and the adjacent dining room have been completed.

In view of the present condition of the ex-sister’s house, it was also decided to have the structure demolished. The site will be used for new facilities.

Redevelopment of the school – phases II & III

The three-storey building facing the crèche is almost 30 years old. Since there are structural defects to the building, the ministry feels it would be better to demolish the damaged building and construct a new block.

Work has completed on the Cascade crèche

The three prefabricated classrooms that are past their life-span will also be demolished to give way for new buildings.

The ministry is also planning to re-divert the road between the crèche and primary school so as to increase space for the school and mitigate potential danger to the students. 

Technical details are being worked on to divert the road behind the crèche building. The cemetery wall facing the school will also be raised and extended to encompass the site on which the ex-sister’s house is presently located.

The school redevelopment concept is being worked on and the project will be implemented in phases.