Make others’ dreams come true in Airtel’s charity show


Airtel employees and their guests rehearsing for Tuesday’s show

The show is slated to start at 7.30pm at the International Conference Centre and tickets costing R150 are on sale at Airtel’s showrooms in Victoria and Providence, social affairs department, physio unit of the Ministry of Health and the National Council for the Disabled.

According to spokesperson Maria Pouponneau, Airtel is a company that puts corporate social responsibility at the heart of its business, and being the fourth global telecoms operator it strongly believes in giving back to the community.

“Airtel believes in helping to change or improve the lives of people, it’s about positively impacting lives through the way it does its business. This is what Airtel’s values are all about.

 The company’s corporate social responsibility philosophy is to have a focused approach, mainly in education and development of underprivileged or less-advantaged children. Across the world, the same approach is used in all Airtel’s operations, and hence schools have been developed or built from scratch. For Seychelles, Airtel officially signed a memorandum of understanding with the National Council for the Disabled in 2010, committing itself to support the disabled in their everyday development,” noted Ms Pouponneau.

The memorandum of understanding started informally following the inaugural Dreams charity show in 2008 which was a huge success and this inspired the team to work on Dreams 2.

Ms Pouponneau said that Airtel employees, who are faithful and actively involved in corporate social responsibility activities, have for the last two months been spending evenings and weekends rehearsing their part for this great cause. Students and staff of the National Council for the Disabled have also been devoting their time during the day practicing as well.

On behalf of the National Council for the Disabled and Airtel, they would like to thank all who have supported them in one way or another and they are all excited for the big night.

Funds raised from the sale of tickets for the Dreams 2 show will be donated to the National Council for the Disabled to support them in some key projects which will help in the development of the students and encourage their inclusion in society. 

The broader objectives of the Dreams 2 concert are:
Firstly, to promote the inclusion of disabled students in society by featuring them in a show alongside famous artists and others.  This will show that they do not need to be seen differently all the time. This is in line with this year’s theme for the disabled ‘Removing barriers to create an Inclusive and accessible society for all’.

Secondly, the show will give the students a chance to build their confidence and showcase their talents.

Thirdly, it is a key fundraising event.
Ms Pouponneau added: “Who wouldn’t like to see the famous Charlie sing alongside top local artists like Patrick Victor, David André, Joe Samy, Jean-Marc Volcy and Antoinette Dodin?”

If the answer is yes, then come in numbers to the ICCS on Tuesday December 11 at 7.30pm and make your and other people’s dreams come true…

For any queries please call Airtel on 2710076/2710039 or 2710013.