Christianne Ravinia needs help after losing house and everything else in blaze


What was left of Ms Ravinia’s house after the blaze

This is because she lost everything she had in a fire last week and is totally destitute.
She lost her three-bedroom house, all furniture, clothes and even some R30,000 in cash she had stashed  away to pay for repairs to the family home at Mare Anglaise.

The mother of three children was lucky her teenage daughter, Sabrinia who is disabled, was at a neighbour’s place when the fire broke out on Thursday afternoon last week.

Ms Ravinia’s two sons – Fletcher who is studying at the Seychelles Tourism Academy (STA) and Yannick who is still at school – were also away, but lost all their clothes. In Fletcher’s case, most of his notes and books have also gone up in smoke.

Ms Ravinia’s 84-year-old mother, Madeleine Barbé, is suffering from shock. She marked her birthday that same day and what should have been a day of joy turned into tragedy.
The Fire and Rescue Services Agency, which rushed to the scene of the fire upon being alerted, was delayed by the after-working-hours traffic.

Ms Ravinia, who works at La Plage Restaurant on Beau Vallon beach, says the 35-year-old house was not insured, but she was planning to seek insurance cover once the repairs had been carried out.
She is calling for donations and can be contacted on 4247769.