Seychellois children urged to showcase talents at Seattle Children’s Festival


Ambassador for women and children affairs, Dr Erna Athanasius, who is chairing a committee of representatives from various organisations involved with children's issues to oversee and raise funds for the Seychelles team, said the festival is a free annual event entirely run by children younger than 14 years old who come together to share their cultural heritage with others from various countries around the world.

These children have unique talents, perform unique national dances, and songs, exhibit musical performances, arts and crafts.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for the young people of Seychelles to experience a wonderfully diverse environment where they will be fostering friendships with peers from across the world, and developing essential social skills as well as boosting their own confidence as they showcase their talents,” said ambassador Athanasius.

She explained that the children will also enjoy various activities with the aim of allowing young children to mingle and make friends while learning about each other's cultures.

“This is a fun way to learn and better understand the value of diversity.  They will also have the opportunity to take part in various discussion forums focused on problems that children all over the world are faced with, as well as the different traditions and histories of their countries of origin,” added the ambassador.

Children interested in taking part in this international event will be selected following auditions where they will showcase their individual and group talents.

Seychelles’ involvement at the festival is receiving support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Friends of Seychelles (both the Seattle and Seychelles chapters), the Seychelles Children’s Foundation, the Seychelles Tourism Board and the Ministry of Tourism and Culture.

The committee is currently seeking sponsors and financial help from the local community and businesses to ensure maximum involvement from Seychelles.

Ambassador Athanasius added that “this is another manner in which we can showcase our culture and our people, and as Tourism and Culture Minister St Ange made mention, ‘it is our duty and no one must shy away from this responsibility’ – not even our youngest citizens!”

If Seychelles’ involvement is successful, it is expected that this will be an annual event for Seychellois children.

Audition forms can be collected at Ray’s Music Room in Victoria and the National Arts Council.  The deadline for submission of forms is December 21, 2012 and the lead contact person for auditions is Bennet Accouche.

Details of the festival can be found on the event’s website