Social Renaissance Plan of Action-Role of partner organisations


• Ministry of Home Affairs and Transport - Drugs and criminality

• Ministry of Education - Education

• Ministry of Labour and Human Resource Development: Employment and human resource development

• Ministry of Health: Health and risky behaviour

• Ministry of Social Affairs and Community Development: Family and community relationships
• LUNGOS/SIFCO - Personal responsibility

Realistically, these ministries and organisations cannot do everything that is required to successfully implement all the activities in the plan. And it has been said countless times, there is a role for every organisation in bringing about the desired transformation in Seychellois society. Everyone is therefore a much valued partner in this national process.

No matter how small the contribution may be or how irrelevant the social renaissance initiative may seem to some, today’s article will look at the role and responsibility of partnering organisations in assisting the lead ministries achieve the respective outcomes.

Some of the organisations already mentioned in previous articles include the NCC, Seychelles National Youth Council, Centre Mont Royal, National Sports Council and National Arts Council. Music and sports have an important role to play in the social renaissance programme. Through the various projects and programmes that are developed, young people’s talents are nurtured; they are kept busy and away from negative influences. Sports for example build character, instil discipline and can provide young people with values that they can apply to all areas of their lives.

The National Sports Council has proposed a number of activities in the plan which aims at the following objectives:
• Instilling a sense of discipline, responsibility and commitment through training and competition
• Promoting best practices by advocating healthy habits through education
• Building the capacity of individuals and sports stakeholder organisations to benefit youth and sports teams
• Promoting social cohesion, friendship, respect as well as physical exercise and healthy lifestyle among the population.

These objectives not only reflect the competitive spirit of sporting activities but also the kind of lifestyle that is being promoted through the social renaissance programme. Sports, be it on a recreational or competitive basis has much value and through the activities proposed in the plan, it is the goal of the National Sports Council to decentralise the activities being organised so as to ensure that as many people as possible can participate and reap the benefits of a sporting lifestyle.

As part of the series of presentations that the Social Renaissance Secretariat is currently undertaking to familiarise all ministries, key institutions and organisations with the objectives of the National Plan and also their role in its implementation, one of the key message being emphasised is that every person and organisation in the country can make a positive contribution. One of the challenges that have to be overcome is to convince people that the initiative is relevant to them. There are two arguments. One is that no matter what your job or where you work, you and your organisation can benefit by putting into practice the values and work ethic that will enhance productivity and professionalism in your workplace. Secondly, again no matter what your job or where you work, you come from a social setting; that is you have a family and form part of a community. It is in your interest to see that your family is living in a safe and secure environment and that your children have a future to look forward to.

All these are goals of the Social Renaissance Plan; stronger families, safer communities, higher levels of responsibility and a higher quality of life for all Seychellois. The question to ask then is how are these irrelevant to some people and organisations? The point is we all have a role to play. In the case of private sector organisations, businesses or companies, they can assist government to promote the Social Renaissance motto of Respect, Responsibility and Hard Work in their workplaces among their employees. They can also network with schools and community organisations to assist in addressing key issues; this can help raise awareness in a more effective manner. Companies can also sponsor events and projects that have been identified in the Plan.

Whether it is on an individual, family, community, workplace, business or institutional level, we can all help to make a difference by supporting the social renaissance initiative.  This battle will not be won in one day or by one person. It will take our generation; every one of us, to ensure that we overcome the challenges we are facing.