Football-A fresh executive committee is the ideal solution, says Dorasamy



On the eve of the election for a new Seychelles Football Federation (SFF) executive committee, the former St Louis and Seychelles skipper shares his views regarding the recent havoc, resulting in the dissolution of the committee less than a year after being put in office.

Dorasamy stressed that Seychelles football needs a committee which will work solely for the well-being and benefit of the sport, rather than personal interests. He explained that a new executive committee will bring new elements which will further add to the work done by the previous one, under the leadership of Suketu Patel.

Present at the extraordinary general meeting last month during which all executive committee members were asked by clubs representatives to resign after a transfer scandal that rocked the sport, Dorasamy said former members should not have presented themselves as candidates. This is because they were asked to resign by club managers and representatives.

“I don’t see why they should stand for elections when they were asked to resign,” he explained. He added that such a decision was a clear message of an urgent need for fresh blood in the office.

Dorasamy acknowledged the fantastic work done by former boss Patel and his committee, but feels that a new leadership strategy is needed to catch up with the developing football world.
He said according to his research, the main reason behind the failure of the previous committee was the lack of proper communication.

“It was obvious from the start that a new chairman would not fit in with the old committee and working alongside them was next to impossible,” added Dorasamy.

He also said it is normal for people not to agree on certain decisions and opinions, but serious dialogue and good communication among members would have helped to remedy the situation, thus preventing the sad episode which has tarnished the image of local football.

Dorasamy added that in case of dishonest act, or for any action taken without consulting the committee, the chairman should be accountable and appropriate action should be taken against him.

He also urged team managers and representatives to think well and put the welfare of the sport first when casting their votes at tomorrow’s elections.

Apart from thanking the managers, fans and players of St Francis and West Coast Brothers – the two clubs he has been involved with during the 2012 season – and his family, Dorasamy wishes all clubs and players a prosperous 2013 season.

R. D.