International Friendship League-Seychellois join peers in Zambia for meeting and charity missions


IFL members helping to feed destitute kids

Headed by its chairperson Marie-Nella Azemia, the other members of the delegation included Marie-France Bristol, Margaret Louise and Andy Roucou.

They joined fellow members from Uganda, Zambia, Kenya, Togo, Senegal and Tanzania.
Members of the IFL international committee also took part and they included its chairperson Rob Lindsley.

Following the official meeting during which the chairpersons of each IFL groups heard reports and discussed matters relating to the strengths and development of IFL Africa groups and the different ongoing and forthcoming projects among other relating issues, the delegation went to meet people in the communities.

They learned about the country’s culture and explored its natural environment during excursions to the source of the River Nile and visited the Uganda wildlife centre.

They also joined school children in a tree-planting activity at the Kosovo Lungujja school located at the Spring Valley, outside of Kampala.

The tree-planting activity at the Kosovo Lungujja school

“Experiencing their first visit to Uganda, members of the Seychelles delegation found this trip very enriching,” said Mrs Azemia.

“They not only learned more on the business of IFL Africa, but strengthened their friendship with the different delegations. Taking part in charity work further proved their understanding of friendship and compassion as they had to provide meals for some kids at that school. 

“Those kids are picked up on the streets by policemen and left at the school. Others just arrive there after having walked quite far from where their parents have left them or have just walked down a road until they reached that school,” Mrs Azemia explained.

The other charity mission that the Seychelles delegation voluntarily took part in was a celebration by a group of poor people belonging to the Pentecostal Assembly. Members of the delegation joined in their spiritual celebration and interacted with them after the service.
The IFL Seychelles delegation also made a financial contribution towards a temple which the people are building through voluntary work. 

“Our presence and support really helped to boost their moral and spirit. This is true friendship in action,” added Mrs Azemia.