Vat highlights Point of Sale (POS) benefits


Those businesses who have already ventured into the area of POS are now in a position to take advantage of the easy ability to modify the POS program so that the recent changes in legislation are just a few clicks (our touches) away and quickly becoming compliant to the new Seychelles Law on Vat.

POS systems are not new to business and have developed into a stable platform which is much more than just a Point of Sale System. The POS systems have developed into a serious business management tool that can provide with accuracy immediate information relative to your business including management of your inventory and stocktake, flagging of items for reorder, analysis of sales patterns, accurate reports which assist in the preparation of financial records and many other business related functions to assist in your company’s profitability.

Advances in POS technology means that your POS system can be networked to other terminals, to a server in the back room or at another location and can now be integrated into Cloud Based Technologies and be used as a SaaS (Software as a Service) application. A POS system can also be a fully integrated and standalone unit with flat touch screen POS terminal, high speed thermal receipt printer, customer pole display, bar code readers, electronic scales, cash draw and much more. This reduces the space required on your front counter allowing you to position “impulse buy” products right where you customers can access them. The number of items and number of transactions are only limited by the amount of space on the hard drive.

Wireless technology has also developed into a stable and efficient platform and has also been integrated into the POS systems with iPad and similar connectivity, many different sizes of touch screens, connections to wireless printers and wireless barcode scanners and all these technologies provide many additional choices for lightweight, accurate and a more efficient means to improve profits.

With the introduction of the new VAT in Seychelles, those clients who have taken the steps to introduce the right POS technology into their businesses are benefiting greatly from the advantages and are reducing the time taken to make those changes which are a part of everyday life. The Vat changes are no longer a challenge as these changes can be done with the touch of a few buttons and the ROI (Return on Investment) can be seen in as little as 12 months.

For more information on POS systems and how they can increase the profitability of your business, check with your local supplier for a free consultations and more information on the advantages and benefits of a POS system.