Mercenary performs in Rodrigues and Mauritius


Mercenary (left) and Koeny Raya

After receiving the initial invitation from Rodrigues through bilateral cooperation, the Ministry for Tourism and Culture helped Mercenary with organising his trip to Rodrigues to take part in the festival.

While in Rodrigues, Mercenary was invited by the Mauritian government to take part in Mauritius’ Festival Kreol. 

Mercenary is the only Seychellois artist who performed in both festivals. He performed alongside famous artists such as Dominique Barret from Reunion, and Black Rod and Real Mystika from Rodrigues in the island’s festival.

In Mauritius, he performed alongside international artists like Tairo from France and Sir Samuel from Martinique and several Mauritian artists like Linzy Bacbotte, Cassiya and other sega artists. The two performances were greatly appreciated by the audiences.

Mercenary has described his involvement in the two festivals as a good initiative, stating that it is always good when regional artists get together in a display of talents. 

This, he says, will bring them popularity and recognition.

Mercenary’s wish is to see continuity in such exchanges between artists from Seychelles and those from other countries in a bid to promote Seychellois artists.

The organisers of the Mauritius and Rodrigues festivals were impressed with Mercenary’s performances that they have requested copies of his CDs.

Mercenary was accompanied by Rod I Crew in the all night concert in Rodridgues and by Otantik Group in Mauritius.

Seychellois artist Ras Ricky, who is currently residing in Mauritius, provided vocal backing during Mercenary’s Mauritius performance.

Koeny Raya, the organiser of Mauritius’ biggest annual regional reggae performance “Donn Sa”, took charge of all the artists in Mauritius.