Wide variety of Christmas goods in the shops


The number, quality and price range of goods available for the festive season seem to have reached a new climax as the random pictures published here which we took in Victoria and Providence show.

There seems to be something for people of all age groups whether one is looking for toys, clothes, shoes household goods, decorations or cards.

Talking of cards, many are now being printed locally and may come in laminated A4 formats which could include pictures of either the sender or recipient, supplied to the many local printers churning them out of computers or taken on site – a big testimony to the computer literacy level, innovation and the catching up of the leve debrouye spirit.

Unlike the case in some previous years, firms offering these things have reported from “reasonable to booming business”.

But they do not even need to say so because the growing human and vehicular traffic says it all.

The roads and pavements have been crowded up to shop doorsteps and today being the last Saturday before Christmas, the congestion is unlikely to be any less.

The Fair Trading Commission and other consumer organisations have been advising buyers to be wary and ensure they buy quality products despite all the excitement, the hustle and the bustling.
We wish you all happy Christmas shopping!