SPTC’s park and ride bus service attracts more commuters


A number of cars were stationed at the Roche Caïman and Ile Du Port parking lots for the whole day yesterday.

Members of the public are also using this service to get around Victoria and following public demand, the SPTC has amended the Ile du Port service with the bus also going to the Inter Island quay and the fishing port after stopping at the Post Office.

As of today, December 22, the park and ride bus service will also be operating on Saturdays, from 6.30am to 1pm.

Furthermore, the SPTC has introduced an hourly service from the Victoria Bus Terminal to Providence and back.

Additional bus services have also been introduced on most routes depending on load.
The SPTC expects that these services will be of benefit to members of the public in general especially to those doing their shopping.