Gymnastics-New committee works on getting local gymnast to Olympics 2024


A local female gymnast in action. The new SGA executive aims to get a Seychellois to compete in the Olympics 2024

The committee, headed by chairperson Veronique Bertin, was elected into office during the sport’s extra-ordinary general meeting on Saturday December 22 at the Roche Caïman swimming pools’ conference room.

Former gymnast Floyd Nalletamby is the vice-chairman, Yvonne Barbé the secretary and Alexandrine Zelia the treasurer.

The five ordinary members are Macda Léon, Barry Duval, Sonny Lime, Denis Laporte and François Moustache.

Speaking to Sports Nation, Ms Bertin said now that a new SGA executive committee is in place, they will start working on making the sport known and bringing it back to its old level or even better.

“Our immediate goal is to give the coaches the necessary tools and knowledge to train two groups of young boys and girls for future competitions,” said Ms Bertin.

“The long-term goal is to get a Seychellois to compete in the Olympic Games by the year 2024. It won’t be easy as gymnastics is a difficult sport, but we have to start from somewhere,” added Ms Bertin.

The last time Seychellois gymnasts were in action was in the open floor competition in June 2010 and the category winners were Ryan Dubois (boys ‘A’), Elvire Duval (girls’ ‘A’), Donny Oreddy (boys’ ‘B’), Sarah Bonté (girls’ ‘B’) and Adrian César (boys’ novice).