Breakdown at brewery, no disruption in supplies so far


A Seychelles Breweries spokesperson confirmed the problems the brewery is facing and said it is producing at a lower rate.

It would appear however that whatever breakdown occurred has not been significant.

Yesterday, most Seychelles Breweries products, except Guinness and Eku, were still available at the outlets visited by our journalist.

Also impressive however was the wide range of imported beers available at most outlets.
These come from over a dozen countries, but notably Holland, Germany, South Africa, India and Mauritius. They are all more expensive than beer produced by the Seychelles Breweries, with prices ranging from R30 to R55 a can.

In most cases, they are also more potent – with alcohol content of up to 8.4% compared to Seychelles Breweries’ Eku at 5.4% and SeyBrew at 4.9%.

According to Seychelles Breweries’ business report published at its annual general meeting earlier this year, SeyBrew is by far its best selling alcoholic beverage, followed by Eku Bavaria, Guinness and others, notably Smirnoff.