New fashion magazine brings world trends to Seychelles



Samples of the new magazine

After readers were given a free December edition, the publication was officially launched with a January edition last Friday.
The Coco team is led by editor Joelle Fabre, creative editor Elle Rydin, executive editor Gregory Albert, and creative director Ivan Labrosse-Rolston.

The team presented their publication to Seychelles in a ceremony held at Lounge 8, Glacis, on Friday afternoon.

Speaking to Seychelles Nation during the event, Ms Rydin said they saw an opening for such a venture, and decided to go for it, bringing an international publication and merging it with local content.

“Coco is a passion for fashion for us, and we aim to fill the gap in Seychelles, providing outside fashion, influence and all. It’s not only for tourists, but also for locals, and the magazine has a balance of local and international designers,” she said.

“Although targeting primarily women, we also have a little something inside for men, and it is generally a good read for all to have on their table-top. Although not everyone has access to online shopping, the items we advertise do get delivered to Seychelles, and we think that we have a little something for everyone interested in fashion,” noted Ms Rydin.

She added that they are also working with some local fashion shops, such as KanKan, Safron Vert on La Digue to name a few, and will help them elevate their level and work on making and maintaining international standards.

All present got copies of the January edition and could enjoy the team’s latest piece of work, while enjoying a light-hearted moment with the other guests.