Red Cross and SPTC team up in blood donation drive



The SPTC bus sporting the ‘Give Blood and Save A Life’ advert will be on the roads of Mahe as of Saturday

This is part of the 2013 campaign being run by the Red Cross Society of Seychelles (RCSS) in partnership with the SPTC to encourage more people to give blood.

The RCSS and the SPTC struck this partnership in mid-2012 when the local bus company agreed to support the programme through sponsorship.

A press release from the RCSS writes that the SPTC also shares the idea of improving the service of blood donation at the Seychelles Hospital in order to make it more efficient to respond effectively in critical times.

The RCSS has long been affiliated with the blood donation programme in Seychelles and much effort has been put in to help the people of Seychelles become more conscious about the importance of giving blood.

As a result, more people are welcomed to give their blood wholeheartedly and on a permanent basis.

In 2012, some RCSS volunteers were trained as blood donor recruiters.

As they are from different walks of life and from different organisations, they have the task of educating their fellow workers about the importance of giving blood and at the same time recruit blood donors.