Minister urges planning to review existing policies



Minister Lionnet addressing the Planning Authority board during its first meeting held recently

The authority has to do this exercise in coordination with all its referral agencies.
Land Use and Housing Minister Christian Lionnet gave the board this mandate during the board’s first meeting held recently.

This is because the Planning Authority has been the subject of many criticisms during the past year and this was evident during various interventions by members of the National Assembly in their responses to Finance, Trade and Investment Minister Pierre Laporte’s budget address.

Minister Lionnet said the Planning Authority’s main board must take serious note of these criticisms and come up with a strategy to address them and improve the public image of the authority.

He added that the Planning Authority must be seen as being first and foremost a promoter of sustainable development in line with the country’s development plans and cannot be seen as being a stumbling block to development.

Minister Lionnet added that as a Seychellois he is generally satisfied and proud of the way the Planning Authority has been able to preserve the building environment of our beautiful country and promoting sustainable development.

In comparison with other developing countries and small island states we have done well, Minister Lionnet added.

The various tools to be put in place are the land use plans of the 25 districts, the review of the Town and Country Planning Act, online planning submissions, and demerit point system for agents.

“These will all play important roles in easing the lives of the people we serve and ensure prosperity of our people and country, but we must also ensure that these regulations and guidelines are practical and that they address the current needs of our population and the business community,” added Minister Lionnet.

The Planning Authority board is appointed by the Minister for Land Use and Housing for a period of two years.

 The current board was appointed on March 22, 2012.

The board is responsible for reviewing and making final decisions on all planning development applications lodged with the Planning Authority.

  Currently the board is made up of a chairman, a secretary and 10 members.

The chairman is Didier Dogley, the secretary is Angela Servina and the 10 members are Gerard Hoareau, Yves Choppy, Patrick Lablache, Sherin Renaud, Patrick Nanty, Elsia Grandcourt, Wilson Nancy, Patrick Andre, Gerard Esparon and Terry Biscornet.

Members of the board effect site visits when necessary and meet at least twice a month on Thursdays to formulate new and review existing policies associated with development and Planning Authority matters.

They mandatorily meet every Friday to attend presentations and review among other things, recommendations forwarded weekly by the Planning Authority sub-committee.