New landfill to become operational this year


The current landfill has reached its maximum capacity and it is being closed down

This was said by the chief executive of the Landscape and Waste Management Agency (LWMA) Lena Desaubin, as she made known the new strategies to be employed by her department this year.

Speaking to the press recently, Ms Desaubin said that landfill number two will be used this year and they have an investor that will eventually carry out a project on the old landfill to convert waste into energy.

“The current landfill has reached its maximum capacity, so we have built a new one right next to it.

 A project to convert waste into energy has been approved, and this will be done at landfill number one when it has been closed down, and we expect this project to probably kick off in around one-and-a-half to two years’ time,” she said.
She added that the old landfill will be contained, covered with a layer of “capping” and decontaminated before the project starts.
Speaking about waste in Seychelles, Ms Desaubin said they have to deal with an increasing amount of waste each year, and the 2012 festive season has proved to be one of their busiest to date.

“For many people, the festive season was the time for them to throw out old pieces of scrap metal and other metal objects like cookers, fridges and others, for which we have a specific time that we organise collection,” she said.

“We are asking the public to respect the time-frames that we set for the collection of metals.

 The Star company, which is responsible to collect rubbish, use compactors which are not designed to accommodate fridges, cookers and the like.

 We organise collection of metal once a month and we ask the public to listen and watch out for when we announce collection time, so that there are no ungainly sights of old metal lying around everywhere for long periods of time.”

She also appealed to people to make better use of bins, especially on beaches, where there are continuous reports of misuse there.
“It’s a shame that people are not taking their responsibility, and unfortunately choosing to dump rubbish rather than take the extra step of putting it into a bin, and we ask them to become more mature and be more responsible,” she concluded.