Two escape unhurt as fire guts car on 5th June Avenue



The state the car was in after the incident

The Fire and Rescue Services Agency said they received a call at 4.08pm that a car was on fire on the 5th June Avenue, right in front of the Zonm Lib monument, and arrived at the scene barely three minutes later and saw the car in flames.

Deploying four men on a truck, it took them less than ten minutes to put out the fire, and they later told Seychelles Nation that their preliminary investigations showed that the fire was most probably caused by a fault in the car’s wiring.
“The car was being driven along 5th June Avenue when the occupants saw smoke coming from the engine. They got out of the car and called for our assistance,” said a representative of the fire agency.

During the operation to put out the fire, traffic flow was diverted through the nearby Marine Charter area.

Traffic flow was restored to normal half an hour later though, as the now-immobile car was removed from the scene by a breakdown truck.