Newest school opens at Bel Air


Some of the children on their first day at the new school on Monday

Parents of the two-year-olds said they felt lucky to have got places at the much sought-after school which already has a waiting list with children who might replace any who leave the school, for example if their parents have to leave Seychelles.

"We're really pleased with the number of parents who have registered their children with us, so much so, that we've already closed paid registrations, as we're full for the coming year.
However, a waiting list is already in place for parents who could not make it in time," said the school’s head Poonam Verma.

"I'd like to thank the Baha'i community of Seychelles and the Ministry of Education for all their support and for helping me turn this dream into reality today. I have my work cut out for me now and look forward to working with my first batch of pupils in the coming year," said Mrs Verma.

“A vacancy opened because a parent had to suddenly leave the country but that has also been filled up now,” said Ishveen Singh Arora, the business head of the school.

Parents told Nation they are happy with the facilities at the school which include an outdoor sand and water play area, three classrooms including one that has a television set, the other two “that are full of imported educational toys and material”.

“The kids are loving it so far, they have quickly reached out for the toys and everything and the parents look quite happy,” said Ms Singh Arora, adding the school is catering for children aged from two and a half years to six years.

Georgina Samson has a daughter at the International School where she met Mrs Verma who retired after working there for 18 years.

“I know she is a good teacher and that’s why I have brought my other daughter,” she told Nation.

Former teacher Marie-Claire Dubignon stayed on to keep her grandchild company but realising that little Hannah quickly acclimatised she was happy to stay on to act as parent to a few of those who had just arrived.

“As a teacher I can tell you the school is well equipped and spacious and the teacher is good. I think the parents who brought their children here made a good choice,” she said.