Hindu Temple consecrated


 A large crowd of Hindus, tourists as well as locals gathered outside the Navasakthi Temple in Victoria yesterday morning to witness its consecration

The temple has been consecrated after renovation work worth R1.5m has been completed.
The highlight of the consecration ceremony was the replacement of the kalasam, which was stolen last year.

Members and leaders of the temple used ‘holy water’ imported from India to bless the hundreds of Hindus and onlookers present.

The ‘holy water’ is water from the Ganges River and other famous rivers in India, brought especially for the event.

Hindus then proceeded into the temple where prayers were being recited after the ceremony.

Devotees attending prayers inside the temple after the consecration ceremony
The Hindu Temple was built in 1992 with Lord Sri Navasakthi Vinagayar as the main deity.