Police communiqué-Lifeguards’ quick action saves a life


According to a communiqué from the police sent yesterday, the incident happened around 9.30am on Friday last week.

Responding to cries for help from the 62-year-old Russian visitor, the lifeguards quickly went to his rescue and got him out of the water, says the communiqué.

On the beach, the lifeguard team applied first aid, placing the victim into a ‘recovery’ position to help clear the airways. This allowed the visitor to breathe freely and provided an opportunity for him to catch his breath.

As a precaution, the visitor was transported to the Seychelles Hospital for further observations.

The Seychelles Lifeguard Brigade, a unit within the Seychelles Police, is active at present on three beaches in Seychelles -- Côte D’or and Anse Lazio on Praslin and Beau Vallon on Mahé.
Expansion plans for the brigade is on the cards for this year.

Meanwhile, as the lifeguards continue their training to meet their objectives, ably discharging their responsibilities on our beaches, there are always opportunities for young and able Seychellois men and women to step forward to join the team, as activities on popular beaches increase.