Korean traditional royal dance set to impress at carnival in Seychelles


The Korean carnival team will dance and play traditional drum called “Janggu.”
The Korean delegation will perform five different traditional dances during the carnival’s opening ceremony. The first one is “Korean Fan Dance,” featuring two fancy fans in hands. Key points of this dance are the sound of opening and closing of the fans, beautiful shapes and patterns they create with fans and silhouette of Korean dress.

During the carnival procession, they will be on their float decorated as Korean traditional architecture. There will be three other types of dance to be showcased during the procession.
The first is “Taepyungmu” which is the dance of the King and the Queen in Joseon Dynasty praying for prosperity and wellness of the people.

The other ones are “Janggu Dance” and “Jaenggang Dance.” Janggu is a kind of drum which the player wears on shoulder and strike with two sticks. The players also perform dances while playing the “Janggu”.

“Jaenggang” is the sound of small bells in Korean language. The origin of this dance is also from Joseon Dynasty which represents Korean people’s wishes for health, prosperity and happiness and the pride of living in the beautiful land of Korea.

The performance team has participated in various international cultural events in Canada, Qatar, China, Thailand, and Uzbekistan to name a few.

Julie Kim, regional manager of the Seychelles Tourist Office in Seoul, Korea will be travelling to Seychelles with the Korean delegation.