Plaisance elderly home to get solar water heaters


Environment & Energy minister Rolph Payet exchanging the agreement with the Australian representative

A total of 10,000 Australian dollars from the government of Australia, R250,000 from the Environment Trust Fund, R75,000 from the government of Seychelles and R50,000 from the Ministry of Environment and Energy and the community development department will be used to fund the project.

Its aim is to support sustainable development strategies by promoting sustainable homes, as well as

demonstrate and promote the importance of investing in sustainable design at the household and community level to increase the demand for sustainable homes.

The solar water heaters will provide the elderly people at the Plaisance home with warm water for bathing and at the same time reduce the demand of fossil fuel if they were to use electric water heaters.

This will also cut down on their electricity bills.
With the installation of the rainwater harvesting systems, the residents will also have extra water to use for their daily activities such as cleaning, gardening as well as increase water capacity storage.

It will also help to reduce dependency on treated water provided by the Public Utilities Corporation hence cut down on their water bills.

This project at the Plaisance home will also create a model of sustainable homes for the elderly people which can be replicated in future developments of these infrastructures.

Young people will also benefit through this project as they will learn about traditional sustainable lifestyles.

Bulbs at the home will also be replaced by energy saving and solar ones.
The residents of the home expressed their need to have hot water during President James Michel’s visit to their home in November last year.